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   Our Services


     Construction, operation, maintenance have become the major scope of the company's projects. The company's scopes of services are as follows:

     1. Construction.

     2. Rehabilitation.

     3. Preventive Maintenance.

     4. Technical Services.

          Electrical Testing & Commissioning Services for Projects.

          Electrical (Power Plant/Substation)

          • Complete Testing and commissioning of LV, MV and HV Switchgears.(Electrical Testing & Commissioning works for Low Voltage Switchgears,
             Medium Voltage Switchgears and High Voltage Switchgears - 480V to 220 KV)

          • Complete Testing and commissioning of LV & MV Motor Control Centers. – (Electrical Testing & Commissioning works for Low Voltage Motor
             Control Centers and Medium Voltage Motor Control centers (480V to 4.16 KV)

          • Testing and commissioning of power Transformer and shunt reports.

          • Engineering services for extension of substation

          • Protection setting and coordination.

          • Testing and calibration of protective relays and meters.

          • Equipment and control testing and in services testing.

          • To carry out the testing and commissioning of substation equipments in diverse industrial sectors including installation as the case may be.

          • Provide supports to new and existing clients in the Electrical Testing & Commissioning Services

     5. Power Plant generator and maintenance contracts.

     6. Substation/Transmission/Distribution line maintenance contracts electrical.

     7. Project Management

     8. Project quality assurance/quality control.

         Carrying out these services were made possible through the capabilities, intensive and extensive training, especially of the three major
         stockholders from here and abroad for more than fifteen years now, which serves as the backbone of this company. Furthermore, the
         company uses a long list of advanced testing Commissioning. Thus, referrals increasingly grow because of the confidence and trust it gained
         in this industry.

         The combination of this exposure and advanced instruments made the company capable and qualified to perform engineering and
         technical services in this industry.







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